Should I Recycle My Clothes This Spring?

Should I Recycle My Clothes This Spring?

If you're spring cleaning this year, you may sort your clothes into a donate or toss pile. However, should you throw that hole-filled shirt in the trash, or is recycling possible? Let's find out.

Yes, They’re Recyclable

Clothing consists of recyclable materials, and many clothing brands pride themselves on being made from them. So before you throw away that stained shirt, remember that the materials that the shirt is made from can be repurposed into new clothing that a person can wear and enjoy.

In general, almost all clothing items can be recycled. Your underwear, your boots, your sweatpants, the list goes on. Almost always, these clothing items will contain something that makes them recyclable.

Where Can I Recycle Clothing?

You may wonder where you should donate if you have clothes you wish to recycle. Thrift stores such as Goodwill tend to recycle clothes that are not resellable. Please speak to your local thrift store to make sure they do recycling.

You can also contact your local recycling center. Ask if they will accept clothes, then travel there and donate.

While the clothing you donate can be stained or torn, avoid donating clothing that's wet or moldy, as this will be thrown into a landfill.

More Than Just Clothes

With recycling clothes, you may believe that they're turned into other clothing articles, but that is not always the case. Often, clothing can become insulation for someone's home, padding for someone's carpet, and even upholstery inside a car.


Before you throw away your clothes, consider donating them for recycling. With so many useful items in landfills, you last want your old clothes to be a part of that. They deserve so much more, so give them new life!
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