Spring Cleaning Your Closet This 2023

Spring Cleaning Your Closet This 2023

Spring is almost here. For some, this is the true beginning of the year as the cold disappears and we start going out and about. So why not begin your year by giving your closet a cleanout?

Why Spring Clean?

Once a year, going through your house and getting rid of items you don’t use anymore has its benefits.

A less cluttered house means that you'll feel less stressed. Not only that, but it's much easier to find clothing you care about. Finally, spring cleaning is vital because it can give unwanted items new life thanks to a donation.

A cluttered home is a habit you do not want to take up. Having regular spring cleaning intervals ensures that your home remains decluttered. Not only can a home look terrible when cluttered, but it can also pose an injury hazard if it gets too much.


How to Do it

Everyone has their method when they're spring cleaning. Here's how we like to do it.

Sort Your Closet

The first approach is to take out all clothing from your wardrobe and sort them. Then, organize them by season, color, and other applicable factors. Having some organization will keep you on track and let you better decide if you want to eliminate an item.

Should I Donate?

Donating is ideal if the clothing is still in great condition, but you haven't worn it. Also, excluding special occasion clothing, you should only have clothing occupying space if you are actively using it. If the clothing meets these conditions, make a donate pile.

Should I Toss it?

Second, you may you should toss clothing. Ideally, you should toss old clothing (over five years) or clothing filled with holes or unremovable stains. If your clothing is repairable and you don't want to get rid of it, that is an option. However, we recommend you throw away anything that seems unsalvagable. Instead of putting it in a landfill, look towards recycling centers that can turn these clothes new again.

Should I Wait?

Sometimes, you may be unsure about clothing. Maybe it's a little old, but it still looks good. It's okay to want to hesitate. Put it in its pile.

Take a Second Look

It's easy to put perfectly usable clothing in the toss pile accidentally, so before you take action, inspect all your piles and decide if it's truly something you want to toss, donate, or keep. Once ready, donate your clothes to the store, take them to a recycling center, or put them back in the closet.

Rinse and Repeat for the Rest of Your House

Once all is said and done, consider doing this for the rest of your house, too. For example, what kitchen utensils do you not use? Are there any electronics on the shelf for a long while? Again, by taking a critical look at your home, you can decide what should stay and go, and you'll feel much better doing it.

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