Where to Wear BGear Attire

Where to Wear BGear Attire

BGear is great attire made for a great cause.  Thinking about where to wear them? Well, here are a few great places for you to wear BGear attire that'll make a statement.


Out With Friends

Wearing BGear attire when you’re out with friends is a great idea. For one, they might ask you where you got it. They also might ask where they can get theirs too.

BGear is great with a purpose, and when you tell people that there’s a purpose for this, it might get them inspired.  BGear hoodies, t-shirts, and even long sleeves are a great way to start up conversations and to let people know.


At the Game

Watching the game with friends? Why not show off BGear and represent?

BGear baseball caps and snapbacks are great to wear at sporting events. Plus, friends, family, and others at the event might ask where you got this. They come in a variety of different colors, and you can show off who you’re representing.

Snapbacks and baseball caps also keep the sun out of your eyes, which is great during those bright spring and summer days.


Visiting Family

They’re also great for wearing at family events. It’s especially relevant because if your family also has someone dealing with Alzheimer’s, this can be a good way to show you’re making a difference.

It also might get them inspired to buy them for themselves as well.


When Exercising

Finally, consider wearing these at the gym! Hoodies and long sleeves are great to wear over t-shirts and other workout clothes. With BGear hoodies and long sleeves, you've got a pump cover that also shows you're making a difference.


Versatile Options, Many Great Styles

BGear is great for any occasion. Next time you’re curious about where to wear these, consider these different places.

Not only are you showing off your style, but you’re also helping those who don't have the means to get the Alzheimer's care they need.
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